Our unique engraved gifts including wooden plaques, custom engraved barware like wine glasses, beer mugs, shot glasses, and decanters form a great gift for your loved ones. With permanent laser etching on these materials you can create a gift of your own with photos, messages.

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What is Engraving?

Engraving is a process of incision onto a hard surface like glass, wood, metal etc. to carve out a design which gives a 3D feel and could be easily felt with bare hands. The process also popularly referred as etching reveals the 2nd layer of the material and results into a very beautiful outcome. The etching being a permanent process can help you send someone a gift which would never get worn off and would remain same forever all it’s lifetime.

Engraved Gifts

Engraved Gifts because of their natural look and a 3D feel are hence very popular. At Giftsmate, we offer this customization on a  range of products like engraved wooden plaques in which real wooden blocks are engraved with your custom designs & photos, engraved beer mugs, engraved wedding wine glasses & champagne flutes, engraved shot glasses, engraved cufflinks and a lot more! All our bar-ware is sourced from leading glassware brands so you can rest assure that you are building a world class bar. Browse through our unique personalized engraved gift ideas to find a perfect gift for your loved one and etch your memories forever.

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