Is the website prices inclusive of all taxes?


Is there any kind of Tax Charges on gift products?

Yes, all prices on our website have GST (Goods & Service tax) component in them. You can view the applicable tax in the order invoice.

Can you engrave/print product that I own (wine glasses, cheese knives, ornaments, bowls, etc)?

No, sorry, Giftsmate generally does not engrave/prints on customer supplied materials. Depending on where you are located, you may come in to our retail store. We can then discuss to customize customer supplied materials.

Do you offer gift boxing & packaging?

Yes, The products go in neatly packaged boxes. Gift Box and Gift Wraps are complimentary services from Giftsmate.

How do I check the status of my order? What does every Order Status means?

Login to your account at Giftsmate and visit the orders tab for complete info. Look out for the below given status:

  • Pending – Your order is unpaid and will not be processed till paid.
  • Processing – We’ve received the payment for your order and it’s with the production/operating team.
  • Invoice Ready – Your order has now moved to the dispatch team.
  • Print Ready – Production for your order is now complete.
  • Waiting for Customer – We are facing some issue with the processing of your order, this can be because of missing order details or some other issue and we now need your assistance to move ahead. In such case, please contact us.
  • Preview – Your order’s preview has been sent to you on your registered billing ID.
  • Preview Approved – You have approved the preview of the order and it would now move for production.
  • Complete – Your order has been sent and you can check the courier agency name and their tracking details right there.
  • Delivered – Your order has been successfully delivered.

What happens after I place an order?

After you finish placing the order with us, you will be redirected to a “Thank You” page, which will also mention your order number. This is a confirmation that your order has been successfully placed.

Also, as a confirmation, you would receive 2 emails from us:

1. Order Summary E-mail
2. Payment confirmation email from the payment gateway.

You will receive an email confirmation once your order has been received at Giftsmate . If there are any problems with your order, one of our Sales & Service Specialists will contact you by phone or e-mail.

Order and Delivery E-Mail Confirmations

After your order is submitted, you will receive a series of e-mails with status of your order.

  • Order Confirmation E-mail within 10 minutes of your order, informing you that your order has been received.
  • Shipping Confirmation E-mail informing you that your gift has been shipped.
  • Delivery Confirmation E-mail informing you that your item has been received.

PS: Please ensure that you enter a valid E-mail address when you register and while entering your billing address since all your order correspondence will be shared on the same E-mail ID. In case you don’t receive our email in your inbox, kindly check your spam/junk emails. Please add us to your contact list to receive email notifications seamlessly.

It was a Surprise you guys ruined it by sharing the order details with the recipient!

In most cases, it’s not us who do it but you yourself. We strictly advise you to register and share billing information of the sender and not the recipient. In most of the cases, customers share the recipient’s email ID, Contact Numbers in the registration form and billing address due to which all automatic order emails are sent to the recipient directly. Hence, spoiling your surprise!

Please understand these terms carefully:

  • Billing Information is Sender’s Information.
  • Shipping Information is Recipient’s Information.
  • Billing and Shipping Information is same only when you are ordering it for yourself.

PS: We do not contact the recipient till the time there is a major problem/hurdle in delivering your order.

Can I combine more than one order in to a single shipment?

Yes, your gift box is shipped as a single box excluding flowers, cakes and chocolates.

I have a message for my gift recipient. Can you put that in?

Yes, ofcourse we can. A COMPLIMENTARY greeting card/bookmark with your messages is sent with all the orders.

I don’t want you to include the bill in the order. It’s a Gift! Can you please remove it from the bill?

No, as per Indian government regulations, it is mandatory to include an invoice on all commercial packages sent through Courier agencies.

We hence cannot remove the bill from the package.

Do you Gift Wrap my order?

Yes, we do and it is FREE!

If I order something say a card and gift or multiple gifts, will they arrive together?

We do our best to coordinate the delivery timing of all the gifts together but at times as these gifts are sourced from different merchants and hence mean different schedules there can be a different delivery schedule for them, for all scheduled orders. Cakes & Flowers are never delivered with other gift items. All gift orders include a message on the packing slip informing the lucky recipient who has sent them the gift.

Can I edit my order after it's placed?

No,once you place your order it cannot be edited. Please be extra sure everything is exactly how you want it before ordering. However, if you’d like to change your delivery date or update an address, please email us at and we’ll be happy to update this part of your order for you.

Do you have a place where I can see everything, a real store?

Yep, we have a gift store by the name- ‘TheYaYaCafe’. You can reach us with the help of Google map directions on the Contact Us Page. Feel free to call us and drop in and share your Gifts story, buy gifts & spread smiles with us.

What is the total cost for creating, purchasing and sending a personalized gift?

Personalization is free! All you’re charged is the price of the gift, any applicable sales tax and shipping.

Do you take same-day orders?

Yes only for cakes & flowers in selected cities in India, but only if the order is placed before  1 PM IST, Monday – Saturday.
If the order is for midnight delivery, last order accepted will be till 3 PM IST.

Can I send multiple orders to one location?

Yes, you can send multiple orders to one location, or multiple items in one order.

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