How do I Edit or Clear My Cart?

Look for the ‘X’ button on the right of the product listing in the cart page. Click on it to remove the product from your cart.

How can I find out about your new Gifts and Offers?

We have a mailing list which you can join if you wish (see the footer), or just check the site from time to time. If you bookmark us in delicious, stumbleupon or any other social bookmarking site then you will also help us reach other people.

We have set-up a mailing list in order to keep our customers up-to-date with new designs and products. Simply enter your email address on this page and we will send you mails whenever we bring new stuff out.
We will not disclose your email address to anyone else and you can unsubscribe from the list at any time.

I am Unable to Make Payment for My Order?

In case you face difficulty while paying for your order please try selecting a different payment mode. We currently accept the following payment modes:

Payment via Indian Debit/Credit Cards (Issued in India) & NetbankingPayuMoney & EBS
Payment via International Debit/Credit Cards (Issued Outside India)Paypal
Payment via AmazonPay with Amazon
Payment via Direct Bank Transfer. Click here to know detailsNEFT/RTGS


While making the payments please note

  • NOT to click on refresh or back button since the payment pages for security reasons may take longer than usual to load.
  • CHECK your bank has sufficient funds to make the transaction.

PS: In case you are still unable to make payment for your order please reach out to us at and we will help you through.

Do I select from your designs, or can I make my own?

Either way. We have a number of unique designs that can be easily customized just by entering information in the order form boxes. Or, you can start from scratch and create your own item…each category has a “Make Your Own” item that allows you to put anything you want on a glass or other engraved product.

Can you engrave or print art?

Certainly. Art is incorporated in many of our own designs, and can be added to any custom designs. We have lots of clip art. Some of the more popular pieces can be seen in our products gallery as well.

How do I make sure that my photos will print well?

Resolution of the photo is the most important thing for a good quality card, so make sure you provide us with high resolutions photos.
All photos are printed flat on premium, 100 or 110 lb. stationery card stock, glossy or matte photo paper. Keep in mind the size of the cards listed under each product’s details.

There are variations in every monitor due to the light that comes through. When the cards print out, they will be a bit darker than what is seen through your monitor.

Our commercial state-of-the-art printing presses will pick up every dot on a photo whereas a common ink jet printer does not print every precise dot or pixel. Therefore, any dark, blurry or grainy photos will reduce the quality of the final print.

Please always make sure your photo does not have any of the bad qualities mentioned in our Photo Tips.

I want to order a Photo Gift. What image size should I upload?

For Best Quality Prints
Upload Images of minimum resolution of 700 px X 700 px

Uploading from Cellphones/Cameras

Use a 2 MP camera or above for better resolution

Uploading from Facebook

We pre-set our files in a 300 dpi(dots per inch) quality, to get the best resolution printing for
our products. Facebook images are usually of
low resolution.


How do I know my image resolution?

Select the image in your computer, Press ALT+Enter or right click & choose properties tab. Choose details tab & then scroll down to the image header for resolution details.

Do you proofread all orders and touch up photos after I submit my order?

We want to make sure you get your gift as fast as possible so what you send us is what you’ll get. Please check your orders very carefully. Look for mis-spelled words, forgotten capitalization, and grainy or blurry photos. If you’ve made any mistake and want to change anything please email it to us with your order number immediately so we can take corrective action.

My image is too large.

Resolution can be measured in terms of pixel dimensions, 1280 X 1024 pixels, or by pixel density 2 Megapixels. The absolute minimum resolution that will yield a clear image is 930 X 620 pixels, but we recommend a resolution of approximately 2 Megapixels or 1200 X 1800 for a clear image. You might also see resolution referred to in terms of dpi (dots per inch) or ppi (pixels per inch). If you set your dpi to 300 and your image size to 4 X 6 inches, then your picture will be approximately 2 Megapixels.

I can't see any of my images during uploading or editing.

The current format does not show any image once the upload is complete. However, you will be able to see the image path once the upload is complete.

My images are uploading slowly.

There are several factors that can hinder the upload process. Perhaps the most important factor is the connection that you are using.

  • Dial-up modems cannot transfer information as fast as other connections and can sometimes timeout during an upload process.
  • The upload session will only stay open for a set period of time before it will “time out” and send you back to the home page. Unfortunately, this is due to an internet standard and is not specific to our website.

You can try uploading smaller amounts, or smaller file sizes.

How do I upload a picture to personalize my gift?

All Gifts which could be personalized with Images, have a Upload Photo Tab. Kindly upload your photograph from the same page and we will personalize your gift as suggested.

Image Upload Terms & Conditions

We strictly adhere to following terms & conditions for all our orders at Giftsmate. We would advice you to read the image upload terms & conditions before placing your order with us.

  • You confirm that by sending your pictures we have the right to copy and use them as agreed in the order.
  • Your images will only be used with your expressed permission.
  • You agree to abide fully by our return and cancellations terms as available to view on this site and subject to change without prior notice.
  • You understand that an image enlarged may very slightly lose definition and/or variation of colour may occur from the original copy.
  • We also can not guarantee that the colours you see via your screen will represent the actual colour of your image accurately.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any order without explanation. This will mainly apply to any image we deem to break copyright law, or be indecent or inappropriate. We reserve the right to restrict, terminate and suspend anyone from using this site.
  • Information and images on this site may not be reused or distributed without prior express permission.
  • We do not share your information with any 3rd parties with the exception of the delivery services we use.

I forgot to use my coupon!

We are sorry but we can not apply a coupon to an already existing order, please save it for next time!

What is Giftsmate?

Giftsmate is an online gifts marketplace from Avenir Labs enabling you to extend your gifting to your friends and family by providing you with Unique Gifting ideas, Personalized Gifts, Gift Vouchers, Greeting Cards from hundreds of brands across thousands of merchant locations across India.
At Giftsmate, our effort is to create a bespoke personal gifting experience for the sender and the recipient, so we will create a unique personal gifting experience for all our customers with personalized greeting cards for every occasion, Photo Gifts, T-shirts, Coffee Mugs, Engraved Gifts, Apparels & Jewelry, Flowers & Cakes, Gourmet Gifts, Aprons and a lot of more options to make it special and memorable for both of special U!

I bought this gift last week and now it's on an offer.

Occasionally, we adjust the pricing on our gifts. Unfortunately, we do not offer a price guarantee, so we can’t provide a partial refund for an item that goes on sale after you purchased it. To be notified of when gifts have any special offer, you can subscribe to our e-mail newsletter or follow us on Facebook.

I can't Login, I may've lost or forgot my password.

Forgot Your Password? We will send your password to your e-mail address on record with us. This way, you can securely change your password to whatever you want. Click here to Reset your password.

How do I Login or Register?

  1. Simply click the link that appears at the top of our home page titled My Account.
  2. On the next page, Register with us by entering your small bio including your e-mail address and password. The next time you visit our home page, you will once again be greeted by your name.

I am not in India, can I place the order for my family and friends in India?

Of course. You can order from any location Europe, America, Asia, Australia, China, UAE or … anywhere…everywhere. We’ve been shipping all across India as well now so no matter where your friend or family is in India, our gifts will certainly reach them. To check our shipping partners and locations they cover for the expected time of delivery, click here to visit our Shipping Details page.

I fear the internet and want to come in and see you guys - where are your locations?

You can find our store hours and more specific directions here.

Where are you located?

New Delhi, India.

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