Lovely Gifts for Lovely Sister


Mom Cushions
60+ Designs
From Rs.299

45+ Designs
From Rs.299

free shipping
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Mother Tees
20+ Designs
From Rs.499

Mom Mugs
110+ Designs
From Rs.299

150+ Designs
From Rs.299

Happy Super Mom Day Canvas Wall Clock

135+ Designs
From Rs.499

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milestone birthday gifts
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Celebrating this special relationship, pick your favorite gifts for mothers on her birthday or to thank her as an everyday gift. Open to customization, you can create your own personalized gifts for mother with her photos, your messages and even get your own design on a gift item of your own choice! Even if you reside abroad away from your mum, you can still send birthday gifts for mother with giftsmate with safe and easy payment options and a delivery network spanned across the world with global shipping partners.

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Wall Art
30+ Designs
From Rs.549

gifts for parents

Indoor Mug Plants
65+ Designs
From Rs.299

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Create your Own Gifts

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Trending Gifts for Mother

So it is that time of the year when it’s your mum’s birthday and you are really confused what to get her this time? Well choose from 500+ unique gifts for mother and customize them. If you want to create your own personalized gifts for mom,  you can add her photo, name, monogram or even a message to make a custom gift for her.
Is your mommy or mother in law or your grandmother reaching a milestone? Like retirement or 50th or 60th birthday? If yes, then this is your place to be! Since here at giftsmate, you will find awesome gift ideas for mothers on retirement or 60th birthday gifts for mom.

Since all our gifts are custom made, they make a really special gift for father as no one would have ever gifted him these before! Though they are unique in nature, our turnaround time is real quick because of which we are able to deliver them faster than usual. With free customization and free shipping sending gifts online is real easy & convenient.

Send unique birthday gifts for sister with giftsmate with a choice of 500+ gift ideas for her. Our personalized gift ideas for sisters include gifts like custom greeting cards, t-shirts, mugs etc. and are a wonderful gift any day! You’ve a cute little sister, elder sis or a married sister, our cute naughty personalized range of gifts for sister hampers are for every sis out there!

Gifts for Sister

Sisters support, love and care for us in their own unique ways. Be it covering for you in front of parents, helping you get that new dress by sharing their pocket money, or being partners in crime with you! Nourish this special relationship you share by gifting her something she would truly love and would always remind her of you. Our gifts for sisters collection is a wide range of handpicked gift ideas for her with a design range especially made for her.

Select from our personalized gifts range of birthday cards, scrolls, mugs, t-shirts, plaques, crystals, birthday photo cakes for sister, flowers, gift cards and many more!

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