The 5th anniversary is a special anniversary for couples because the couple is no longer considered “newly married” or “newlyweds”. Traditional 5th wedding anniversary gifts are wood. Our wooden plaques, photo frames, Coasters and Key chains can be personalized to give this anniversary gift for them a special touch.

For the wine guy, check out our personalized wine glasses to store their favorite vintage in. When you’ve reached your fifth year of marriage, it’s definitely a mark for celebration. The fifth year is traditionally celebrated with gifts made of gorgeous, natural wood, and giftsmate has come up with various wood anniversary gifts for them that will make this an anniversary to be remembering.

Giftsmate believes anniversaries should be celebrated in the utmost fashion, and we’ve comprehensive gift selections that will make finding the right fit for every milestone anniversary a breeze. When you’re in the market for unique anniversary gift ideas, come to us. We’ve got the heartfelt gifts you need to celebrate in any wonderful occasion and make it a celebration to remember. Show your husband/wife how much they means to you on your fifth anniversary and let giftsmate help you locate the perfect item to present to him/her on this special occasion.

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