Receiving a Gift

Receiving a Gift

Receiving a gift is always a joyous event- whether the gift comes as a surprise or its delivery is known about. Hence, it is imperative to pass on the positive vibes to the gift giver to acknowledge his/ her effort- big or small. And thats how we thought we should share some tips of gifting etiquette while receiving a gift!

Receiving a gift is a social skill that is best conveyed with a smile and saying Thank You. Even if one is not particularly excited with the gift it is basic etiquette to compliment the gift giver for his thoughtfulness and generosity, and appreciate the gesture with kind words. One could use terms like ‘Dhanyawaad’ or ‘Shukriya’ which mean ‘ThankYou’ in Hindi and press ones palms around the chest with a slight bow of the head indicating the customary Indian greeting of ‘Namaste’.

Occasions like hosting a party for a birthday or anniversary are perfect opportunities when the etiquette for receiving  personalized birthday gifts can be practiced and implemented.

In India it is customary to gift jewelry made of gold or silver or even diamonds on weddings and anniversaries which may be considered too lavish in other cultures. Also if money is gifted in a decorated envelope known as ‘kharchi’ it is customary to present an odd amount like INR 101 instead of INR 100 or INR 2001 instead of INR 2000

Since actions speak louder than words one must ensure that whether one just accepts the gift without opening it or whether it is opened in front of the giver facial expressions should always convey positivity. How the recipient reacts conveys an impression about whether he/she liked the gift and tells the gift giver whether they were successful in their task of gifting by means of making the recipient happy by gifting something of choice, style or use.

If a gift is received by mail, an act of gratitude should be promptly delivered by means of a phone call, sms, email , animated e-card or hand written thank you note. A hand written thank you note is like presenting a personalized return gift to the sender. People hold onto their thank you notes like souvenirs and the result of making the sender happy lasts much longer than that of an email or alternate method of thanks. This old fashioned means of thanking should be practiced within a few days of having received the gift and not longer than a week unless there was a large event to attend to like a wedding, anniversary, retirement party etc in which case it is okay to send a thank you note for upto one month. Gift senders appreciate the gesture of the recipient having purchased a thank you card or even having made it at home.

A thank you note should be brief and contain the appropriate salutation. It should mention saying thank you for the specific gift with a line or two on how you intend to use it or how much you cherish it.

Though it’s the thought that counts- In case one really doesn’t like a gift received and thinks the sender could do with some help in choosing a better gift next time there is always the Giftsmate live chat service which can be recommended. This service helps choose from among a plethora a gifts and also on the basis of the person to be gifted like a parent, sibling, friend, boss etc or on the basis of occasion.

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