Catwoman Sweatshirt For Women


Product Descriptions:

  • Fabric: Premium Quality Cotton Fleece
  • Gift set contents: 1 Sweatshirt
  • Pockets: Yes, Kangaroo Pockets
  • Design: Printed
  • Sleeve Length : Full Sleeves

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  • Refer to our size guide for a perfect fitting sweatshirt! Please see that these are Unisex Sweatshirts.
    Unisex Sweatshirt Size Guide
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Product Description

If you’re looking for the most creative and unique Valentine’s Day gift, skip the mall and visit our Design works to choose the perfect couples sweatshirts. Pick the perfect style for your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, or that someone special. Browse our free designs & exclusive art you won’t see anywhere else. She’ll love the choice, and he’ll love the feel of high quality cotton of our one-of-a-kind creation. Buy matching designs for that trendy couple’s sweatshirt look, in a style that fits you both. Browse our range of Sweatshirts in unique quirky designs and a host of colors! From a variety of unique designs choose the best one that will suit them. All designs are available in multiple colors! Made out of super warm fleece fabric these Sweatshirts are easy to breathe and would look really cool. In a range of quirky designs they would really love the attention they get their way and you would love it too since it comes because of you! 

Gift Suggestions: Valentine’s Day Gifts, Gifts for Couples, Gifts for Lovers

For: Unisex
Fabric: Fleece
GSM : 280 – 320 GSM
Sleeve Length : Full Sleeves
Styles: Crew/Round Neck Sweatshirts and Hoodies
Pockets : Yes, Kangaroo Pockets
Style : Printed
Acceptable Shrinkage of apparel within 2-5%
Color fastness of fabric and print – 100%

FAQ – Sweatshirts & Hoodies

Q. Where Can I see the Sweatshirts Size Chart?

Click here to view Size Chart for Unisex Sweatshirts.

Q. What Quality of Tees do you do?

All Sweatshirts are always of superior quality, specifications are:

Fabric Strength (Hoodies): 280-340 GSM

Fabric Strength (Crewneck Sweatshirts): 340 GSM

Q. I would like to know more about the Hoodies.

Crafted from durable & warm cotton fleece, these sweatshirts will keep you warm.

  • Hooded Unisex Sweatshirts
  • With same colored Drawstring.
  • Full sleeves with ribbed armbands
  • Made with cotton fleece.
  • Hoodie with Kangaroo Pockets
  • Available in a choice of colors
  • Fabric Strength (Hoodies): 280-340 GSM

Q. I would like to know more about the Crew Neck Sweatshirts.

Crafted from durable & warm cotton fleece, these sweatshirts will keep you warm.

  • Unisex crew neck Sweatshirts
  • Fabric Strength (Hoodies): 340 GSM
  • Full sleeves with ribbed armbands
  • Made with cotton fleece.
  • Sweatshirt with Kangaroo Pocket
  • Available in a choice of colors

Q. Who designs the tees?

The tees creative process starts with the inspiration and design ideas of a bunch of creative freelancers we work with. Every week we get together and brain storm. The best ideas go to our graphic designer and the rest is fleece!

Q. Does Giftsmate accept Bulk or Wholesale Orders?

Yes, we accept Wholesale Orders of 24 pieces or more across any combination of styles, sizes, & genders. Please contact us to receive information on pricing, ordering, and fulfillment.

Q. How do I wash & take care of my shirt?

Wash cold, do not bleach, dry low. Note that most sweatshirts can shrink a little after their first wash. DO NOT IRON THE PRINTED AREA! Dry at a LOW temperature. Drying at a high temperature can cause the print to crack.

Q. I ordered a personalized sweatshirt, can you modify the images?

To order Personalized sweatshirts, please upload the images or referral images/designs in the ‘Upload your Design’ tab on the product page. Check our Image upload guidelines and FAQ’s here.

Q. Where will my sweatshirt ship from?

Our T-shirts are shipped from our Head office in New Delhi, India.

Q. How do I return a sweatshirt that is the wrong size?

If you receive a shirt but decide that it is either too large or too small we will be happy to exchange it for the correct size. Simply send it back to us unworn and unwashed and email us the new size details at

Please refer to our Giftsmate returns policy.

PS: Only non-customized sweatshirts can be returned or exchanged.

Q. I want a sweatshirt in a size other than those listed – is this possible?

No. We find that the sizes that we stock (small, medium, large, extra-large, XXL for both genders) are by far the most commonly requested ones.

Q. I want a sweatshirt in a color other than those listed – is this possible?

If you do have a special request we’ll do everything that we can to fulfill it for you so please email us to arrange it.
Please note that as we do not stock all colors of sweatshirt some of these one-off orders will take a bit longer than usual to deliver.

Q. How do I keep up-to-date with new designs?

We have set-up a mailing list in order to keep our customers up-to-date with new designs and products. Simply register with us and we will send you mails whenever we bring new stuff out. We will not disclose your email address to anyone else and you can unsubscribe from the list at any time.


Q. Can I exchange my sweatshirt if it doesn’t fit?

Yes, no problem. Always email us first with the details of your order and we will send you instructions on how to exchange the shirt (It should be unused & unworn). Exchanges will incur a small reshipping charge of Rs. 100/- within India (exchanges from other countries usually incur full payment of reshipping costs). These charges do not apply if we have shipped you a sweatshirt you did not order.



Q. Does Giftsmate offer Tall, Maternity or Plus sizes?

At this time, Giftsmate does not offer tall or plus sizes. This does not mean we will never carry a variety of sizes, so please do check back.

Feel free to contact us in case you have any of these or any other queries:

  • I have few more queries about Shipping & Delivery of my sweatshirts. Where Can I contact you for that?
  • I want to get some shirts printed, can you help?
  • Is it possible to buy sweatshirts designs wholesale in bulk?
  • I fear the internet and want to come in and see you guys – where are your locations?

Q. I want to order a Photo Gift. What image size should I upload?

For Best Quality Prints
Upload Images of minimum resolution of 700 px X 700 px

Uploading from Cellphones/Cameras

Use a 2 MP camera or above for better resolution

Uploading from Facebook

We pre-set our files in a 300 dpi(dots per inch) quality, to get the best resolution printing for
our products. Facebook images are usually of
low resolution.

Q. How do I know my image resolution?

select the image in your computer, Press ALT+Enter or right click & choose properties tab. Choose details tab & then scroll down to the image header for resolution details.

Q. My image is too large.

If you are trying to upload a large image, the system might show you a file size error. Please reduce the size of the image and try uploading again.

Learn how you can reduce the image size here:

1. Locate the image on your computer. Right click the image and choose “edit” from the drop down menu. If you have software installed to edit images then you can choose to open your photo using that software by clicking “Open With” to access a list of programs.

2. Within the editing options of your photo editing program, locate a menu item that will allow you to change the properties of the image. This option has a few different names. Depending on the software you are using, it could be referred to as “Attributes” or “Image Size” or “Resize Image.” It will often be one of the options if you click the “Edit” drop down menu, usually located beside the “File” menu in the top left of your program window.

3. Once you have located the menu item that will allow you to edit the properties of your image, change the “Height” and “Width” to decrease the size of your file. Our site requires that the size of each image be less than 2 MB.

Please Note: You can also decrease the file size of your photo by adjusting its resolution. The size of your file is directly proportional to the resolution of your image. Increasing the resolution of your photo will increase the size of your file and decreasing the resolution of your image will decrease the size of your file. However, capturing an image at a high resolution is the best way to ensure that the quality of your image is preserved when reducing file size. Whereas, starting with a low resolution image could result in a loss of quality for an image that needs to be stretched or reduced to fill a 4 X 6 print.

Resolution can be measured in terms of pixel dimensions, 1280 X 1024 pixels, or by pixel density 2 Megapixels. The absolute minimum resolution that will yield a clear image is 930 X 620 pixels, but we recommend a resolution of approximately 2 Megapixels or 1200 X 1800 for a clear image. You might also see resolution referred to in terms of dpi (dots per inch) or ppi (pixels per inch). If you set your dpi to 300 and your image size to 4 X 6 inches, then your picture will be approximately 2 Megapixels.

In case, you have a file larger than 10 MB and you do not want to reduce the file size, we’ve a alternate route for you to share the images with us. In this case, you can upload any other image of small size at the product page, and send the larger image to us as an email to along with your order number.

Q. I can’t see any of my images during uploading or editing.

The current format does not show any image once the upload is complete. However, you will be able to see the image path once the upload is complete.

Q. My images are uploading slowly.

There are several factors that can hinder the upload process. Perhaps the most important factor is the connection that you are using. Dial-up modems cannot transfer information as fast as other connections and can sometimes timeout during an upload process.
The upload session will only stay open for a set period of time before it will “time out” and send you back to the home page. Unfortunately, this is due to an internet standard and is not specific to our website.
You can try uploading smaller amounts, or smaller file sizes. You can always add more images to your order at any time.

Image Upload Terms & Conditions

We strictly adhere to following terms & conditions for all our orders at Giftsmate. We would advice you to read the image upload terms & conditions before placing your order with us.

  • You confirm that by sending photo mugs your pictures we have the right to copy and use them as agreed in the order.
  • Your images will only be used with your expressed permission.
  • You agree to abide fully by our return and cancellations terms as available to view on this site and subject to change without prior notice.
  • You understand that an image enlarged may very slightly lose definition and/or variation of color may occur from the original copy.
  • We also can not guarantee that the colors you see via your screen will represent the actual color of your image accurately.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any order without explanation. This will mainly apply to any image we deem to break copyright law, or be indecent or inappropriate. We reserve the right to restrict, terminate and suspend anyone from using this site.
  • Information and images on this site may not be reused or distributed without prior express permission.
  • We do not share your information with any 3rd parties with the exception of the delivery services we use.

Get a perfect fit. Just grab your favourite Hoodie, lay it flat, get a tape measure & take a few measurements. Then pick the closest matching sweatshirt from the chart below. Easy!

If you are in between 2 sizes always go for the larger, chances are your favorite tee has shrunk a little since you got it.

Sweatshirt Size Guide

Adult Unisex
Sweatshirts Size
S23 in (58.42 cm)38 in (96.52 cm)21 in (53.34 cm)
M26 in (66.04 cm)40 in (101.6 cm)22 in (55.88 cm)
L26 in (66.04 cm)42 in (106.6 cm)23 in (58.42 cm)
XL28 in (71.12 cm)44 in (111.76 cm)24 in (60.96 cm)
XXL28 in (71.12 cm)46 in (116.84 cm)24 in (60.96 cm)

Please Note:

  • All measurements may vary by +/- 1 inch.
  • We recommend you to buy sweatshirt one size bigger than your usual shirt size since a sweatshirt is usually worn with a t-shirt under it.

Body Sizes

  • Chest: Lift arms and wrap tape measure around chest. Place at widest part and pull firmly. Put arms down for most accurate measurement.
  • Waist: Wrap the tape measure around your waist at the narrowest point.
  • Hips: Wrap the tape measure around the widest part of your hips and pull firmly.

Product Measurements

  • Width: Measure Sweatshirt from arm hole to arm hole.
  • Length: Measure Sweatshirt from the seam at the neck to the bottom of the garment.


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