Engraved Black ABC champagne flute


Engraved Black ABC champagne flute details:

  • Brand: Ego Alter
  • Model No.: 62026
  • Make: Italy
  • Height:26 cm
  • Top Diameter:4.5 cm
  • Volume (ml) : 250
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Gift Engraved Black ABC champagne flute to add that extra pinch of love and charm to your gift. The black engraved flutes are charming, stylish, elegant and are prefect gifts for wedding, anniversary, Gifts for Couple, parents, spouses.
Rising from the mysterious depths of the Abc Champagne Flute in Black even those celebratory bubbles tend to take on a more seductive avatar. A fine accompaniment to soul-stirring gazes and surreptitious romantic rendezvous, these fine Italian beauties set the tone right for the evening.

Gift Suggestions:  Anniversary, birthday, Housewarming Gifts