Engraved Madison Red Wine Glasses


Set of 2

Engraved Madison Red Wine Glasses Details:

  • Brand: Ocean
  • Comes in a Gift set of 2
  • Model No.: 1015R15
  • Make : Thailand
  • Design : Madison
  • Height (mm):  224
  • Top diameter (mm) :64
  • Bottom diameter (mm): 81
  • Volume (ml) : 350

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A refreshing beverage like the red wine needs a companion which is equally vitalizing in looks and appeal to match up to its panache. Uniquely crafted and delicately designed, these gorgeous Madison Red Wine glasses from Ocean Glass are the perfect pick for times when you wish to celebrate the finer moments in life and are hence great gifts for special occasions like Birthday, Anniversary, and as Housewarming gifts.

Gift Suggestions:  Anniversary, birthday, Housewarming Gifts