Engraved Madison Red Wine Glasses


Set of 2

Engraved Madison Red Wine Glasses Details:

  • Brand: Ocean
  • Comes in a Gift set of 2
  • Model No.: 1015R15
  • Make : Thailand
  • Design : Madison
  • Height (mm):  224
  • Top diameter (mm) :64
  • Bottom diameter (mm): 81
  • Volume (ml) : 350

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Product Description

A refreshing beverage like the red wine needs a companion which is equally vitalizing in looks and appeal to match up to its panache. Uniquely crafted and delicately designed, these gorgeous Madison Red Wine glasses from Ocean Glass are the perfect pick for times when you wish to celebrate the finer moments in life and are hence great gifts for special occasions like Birthday, Anniversary, and as Housewarming gifts.

Gift Suggestions:  Anniversary, birthday, Housewarming Gifts

Dirt can easily be removed from clear glass using a glass cleaner. Follow the care instructions below to keep your glassware safe and clean.

  • Fragile.
  • Handwash only.
  • Do not use in Dishwasher.
  • Do not use if chipped or cracked.
  • Do not use in microwave ovens.

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Raise a toast & celebrate with our engraved gifts collection of wine glasses at Giftsmate. Choose from our wide range of Wine Glasses from leading glassware brands & get the best quality personalized only for you! Pick your favorite design, customize it for your loved ones and get it etched on wine glasses of your own choice. Always available in a set of 2, they are a gift for ever! Check our entire range of Wine Glasses here!

Product ImageProduct Information
Abc Champagne Flute BlackBlack Abc Champagne Flute

Rising from the mysterious depths of the Abc Champagne Flute in Black even those celebratory bubbles tend to take on a more seductive avatar

Brand  :   Ego Alter
Model No. :    62026
Volume – 250 ml

0003865_engraved-salsa-champagne-flutes.jpegSalsa Flute Champagne glasses 

Fill the room with some drama as you bring out the dancing stars of the evening; the Salsa Flute Champagne glasses are perfect to embellish any ambience with an element of surprise and fun.

Brand  :   Ocean
Volume : 165 ml
Model No.  :   1521F06

0004526_engraved-abc-colored-wine-glasses.jpegABC Wine Glasses

Capturing the gaze before taking over the senses, the ABC Wine Glasses make for a bewitching addition to any evening. Whether it is a theme restaurant or a formal sit down dinner at home, these chalices present those glorious red wines in all their enticing glory.

Brand  :   Ego Alter
Model No. :    62025
Volume – 400 ml

Colors available : Black & Red

0002803_engraved-duchess-champagne-flute.jpegDuchess Champagne Flutes

Champagne is one companion that finds itself at the centre stage in every celebration. Let that bubbling beauty fall into the enchanting depths of the Engraved Duchess Champagne Flutes, as you ready yourself to clink to the finest moments of life.

Brand : Ocean
Model No. : 1503f06

Volume : 165 ml

0004547_engraved-lexington-white-wine-glasses.jpegLexington White Wine glass

Savor the refreshing notes of that fabulous wine in Lexington White Wine glass from Ocean to fill your evenings with a sense of wonder that leaves you inspired to make the most out of life.

Brand :    Ocean
Model No. :  1019W08


Engraved Madison White Wine Glasses

A refreshing beverage like the white wine needs a companion which is equally vitalizing in looks and appeal to match up to its panache.

Brand  : Ocean
Model No.  : 1015W12
Volume – 350 ml

0005335_engraved-premium-stemglass.jpegEngraved Premium Stem Glass

A bulbous bowl to hold the red wine in all its glory and an elegant stem to rest upon, this elegant glassware is a must-have for anyone who likes to relish their wine in style.

Brand : Ocean
Model No. : 1015A21

Volume – 600 ml

Madison Champagne Flutes

Let the bubbling beauty of Champagne glide against the glossy walls of the Madison Flute Champagne glasses, before it settles in to put up an impressive show against their transparent facade. The gorgeous look combined with a striking presence makes these glasses a must-have for every home and professional bar.

Brand : Ocean
Model No. :  1015F07
Volume : 210 ml



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