Personalized Bride And Groom Wedding Champagne Flutes


  • The Gift set comes in a pack of 2
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Gift Personalized Bride And Groom Champagne Flutes With Coasters which are complete only when kept together just like the couples who are better only when they are together! The engraved love champagne flutes can also be personalized with the couple’s name.
Designed to accentuate the characteristics of white vintages; they are Gracefully shaped but sturdy, and are an ideal gift for anyone with a well-stocked home bar.

Gift Suggestions: Wedding Gift, Gift for bride and groom

Engraving: Permanent digital engraving or etching with laser engraving machine.

Warranty: Complete damage or defects guarantee on the product.

Preview: Design previews are available on request, once the order has been placed.


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Champagne Flute Style

Duchess Champagne Flute, Salsa Champagne Flute