The charm of romantic gifts for Valentine’s Day, round the world!

None of us can deny the significance love holds in keeping the spark alive in life. Love is a universal language which sets the world going. Love is one of the most beautiful emotions experienced by the humans. The world is buzzing the word 14th February, and the markets are flooded with myriad of Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

A question must have popped into the minds of many as to what is the Valentine’s Day and why is Valentine’s Day celebrated? In a nutshell, the day is meant to profess love to the sweethearts, and add a charm to the quotient of love. This article will provide a great chunk of valuable information about the occasion of Valentine’s Day. Stay tuned!

Why is Valentine’s Day celebrated?

Valentine’s Day is tagged as the day which celebrates love. The roots of this great festival lie in the religion of Christianity. There are a number of versions available about the inception of the Valentine’s Day, but the most popular amongst them is that, the Valentine’s has its origin captured in the early history of the Church. There was a priest St. Valentine, who used to aid lovers in getting married during the Roman Era in 270 AD. Thus, it is believed that the earliest traces of the festival are found in the region of Italy. But over time, this day has become one of the most talked about and celebrated, in a number of countries across the globe.

Another notion which is thought of as the possible reason for the celebration is the Lupercalia festival, which is the festival of fertility. During the middle ages, the notion which became popular was that during this month, the birds mate and gave a reason for celebrating it as a day for romance. Though the festival got its wings in the West, now it is celebrated worldwide with equal zeal and vigor by couples who are much in love, both married and unmarried.

What are the different Valentine’s Day gift ideas popular across the world?

Love is present in all the directions, countries and people. But indeed, the manner of professing and celebrating love varies amongst different cultures and countries. Let’s have a glance at the ways in which different countries embrace the festival of love and fertility.

1. Britain

The country celebrates love with flowers, chocolates, romantic gifts and cards as the tradition. On the occasion of the Valentine’s, the children sing songs and the girls would stand in the windows early morning, believing that the first man they will see would be their future partner. Beloved verses are the forte of this country.

2.  United States

This festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm and charm in this country. The day is a granted holiday here to pay homage to St. Valentine, as well as to profess love to the partners, teachers, relatives and parents. Apart from the traditional romantic gifts, the dance parties and dinners are a common observance.

3. India

The day is marked by an aura of jubilation and elation among the people with the exchange of a number of enthralling Valentine’s Day gifts to India. The symbols of Valentine’s such as Cupid, heart molded chocolates and roses are on wide display. The streets are flooded with lovers, especially in metropolitan cities of the country.

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