What gifts you should not buy your girlfriend?

In an effort to keep your girlfriend happy it can be quite a task deciding what to get her for her birthday, holiday or special occasion. Start early. Give yourself at least a month to decide what to buy for her by asking her family and friends for suggestions, thinking about her interests and hobbies, paying attention to the types of stores she likes, the movies she prefers, the food she devours, what she talks about when you’re together or how she spends her free time. Be attentive and open for subtle hints that are given either directly with statements like ‘oh! I’d love to have that.’ Or indirectly like ‘isn’t that beautiful ! I really like it’ . Gifting her something she’s pointed out is your best and safest bet.

But things often aren’t that easy so a good way to list down what could be a potential good gift for her is by crossing out what’s not to be gifted & thats where we thought we will help you out with most common gifts you should avoid as gift to your girlfriend!

1. Avoid items of cooking, cleaning or everyday chores. Even if your girlfriend needs a new toaster, vacuum cleaner or iron steer clear from such items as they are not romantic and give the impression of thinking about her in more of a domestic way.
Our Tip: If she loves to cook, try our personalized aprons for her, 100% delight guaranteed!

2. Avoid pick-and- go items from kiosks in department stores. These products are usually inexpensive and meant for impulse buyers. Pre-packaged jewelry gives the impression that you bought the first thing that caught your eye to get over the gift giving experience.

Our Tip: How about personalized jewelry gift box or jewelry stands for her?

3. Don’t buy clothing items. With the vast variety of styles, colors and body shapes available its only a matter of time before she has one of those conversations with you, you having bought something tight or loose. Unless your girlfriend has actually pinpointed a particular item, clothes are best avoided.

Our Tip: Gift her something like a customized wall clock with a message on how special she is and trust us she will love it!

4. Avoid gifts that imply she has room for self improvement like an exercise equipment, self help book or makeover voucher. This could affect the relationship long after the gift has been received too.

Our Tip: If you really want to gift something to motivate her, how about a set of motivational cushion covers for her, motivational & useful!

5. Don’t buy something that is a couples gift or that you would enjoy too because she may see it as something you want rather then she would enjoy. Some such items are a barbeque grill, a television set, a pair of tickets to the big game and even lingerie!

Our Tip: A gift card or a shopping or spa voucher, movie gift card are other ways to pamper her with a lovely gift for your girlfriend.

6. Don’t buy overtly expensive gifts to avoid stress or guilt to yourself or the recipient. Even if she’s been praising an expensive item avoid the urge to buy it so as to build the relationship on its merit.

With the above ideas about what all to avoid giving your girlfriend, a good idea is to present something personalized. Gifts can be made more personal by also giving a non personalized card item of her interest with a personalized greeting card to prevent any misunderstanding of having taken the easy way out.

Thus gifting done with a lot of thought can bring about a great gift idea for your girlfriend and make you score a brownie point with her!


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