Can you engrave or print art?

Certainly. Art is incorporated in many of our own designs, and can be added to any custom designs. We have lots of clip art. Some of the more popular pieces can be seen in our products gallery as well.

Can you engrave/print my own art or logo?

Absolutely. We can accept most file types, to include jpeg, bmp, tif, pdf, doc, and eps. Pure black and white (or single color) images work best, although we can manipulate multi-color or greyscale images to achieve optimum results. Items that allow for customer supplied art (i.e. the Make Your Own or Bulk items) have an order form input to attach art files.

Yes. We can engrave/print company and organization logos on almost all engravable/printable items. Some items do have a very small customization space, and are best suited to simple logos. In the few cases where a logo can't be placed on your item, we can make recommendations about including your company or organization name in an exquisitely to make your award or gift items unique and special.

Do you do large orders?

Absolutely! We can do orders for parties, weddings, business applications, groups, etc. We offer significant discounts for bulk orders. Please contact us to get a Bulk Order quote for your requirement.

I want to get some shirts printed, can you help?

Yes, we can print your design on t-shirts in a style, material & size of your choice. Click here to contact us to get a quote.

Is it possible to buy T-shirts designs wholesale?

If you are organising an event, or need it for your staff and you think our t-shirts would be a useful way to raise money for your organisation, or if you have a store where you'd like to stock our shirts, then please contact us for wholesale rates.

Does Giftsmate accept Bulk or Wholesale Orders?

Yes, we do.

Important Note:

1. If there are any products for which detailed cancellation policy is not mentioned here, reserves the rights to inform the policy later to the customer.

2. reserves the right to change the exchange/return policy in future without prior notice.

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