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Gifting Superstitions that will shock you

Gifting Superstition that will shock you

Did you know this about gifting ?

Gift-giving is a common practice across many cultures and occasions. However, some people believe that there are certain superstitions associated with giving and receiving gifts. Here are some of the most common gifting superstitions:

  1. Don't give an empty wallet or purse:

It is believed that giving an empty wallet or purse as a gift will bring bad luck to the receiver. To avoid this, make sure to put some money or a small gift inside the wallet or purse before giving it. This will be a corrective and considerate gesture and will also help the receiver grow in life.

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2. Don't give a knife or scissors as a gift:

It is believed that giving a knife or scissors as a gift can sever a friendship or relationship. These are also sharp and harmful objects which you must avoid giving to anyone. But if you still wish to gift it, include a coin with the gift and ask the receiver to give it back as a symbolic purchase.

3. Don't give a watch as a gift:

 It is believed that giving a watch as a gift symbolizes the countdown to the end of the relationship. Why take the risk for your beautiful friendship ? A quick if you really want to gift watch is - ask the receiver to give you a penny or token in return, which will help "buy" the watch.

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4. Don't give a gift in multiples of four:

 In many Asian cultures, the number four is associated with death, so giving gifts in multiples of four is considered bad luck. It may harm someone's sentiments and not feel happy about receiving the gift. Please try sticking to odd numbers or multiples of three instead.

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5. Don't give a gift back:

It is believed that if you give someone a gift and they return it, it is bad luck. It may also be considered as disrespect and inconsiderate of the person's efforts and affection. Instead, you may ask the person to keep the gift or donate it to charity.

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6. Don't give a handkerchief as a gift:

In some cultures, giving a handkerchief as a gift symbolizes tears and sadness. It is often not considered as an ideal gifting piece and instead a pretty basic item to gift someone. Choose other gifting option rather than a handkerchief. If you really want to gift something close to a handkerchief, give a scarf or a piece of clothing.

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7. Always wrap gifts in bright colors:

 It is believed that bright colors symbolize happiness and good luck. Bright colours have psychological effect on humans as they make us feel joyful and positive. Dark colours are often connected to negativity and dullness. Using bright coloured gift wraps will lighten up the space and bring a smile on receiver's face, so always wrap your gifts in bright and cheerful colors.

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8. Don't give a gift too early:

It is believed that giving a gift too early can cause bad luck, so wait until the appropriate time to give your gift. You may buy the gift in advance but wait until the special occasion to gift it. This will keep you as well as the receiver happy and contented. As, it is famously said, "Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet." Follow that my friend.

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These are just a few of the many gifting superstitions that exist. While some people may take them seriously, others may not believe in them at all. Ultimately, the most important thing is to give a gift with sincerity and good intentions, and to receive a gift with gratitude and appreciation.

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