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Customer Service: It was Awesome

Customer Service: it was awesome

Response Time: best n best faster than expected as if i had ordered yesterday n boom got delivered so damn fast

Product Information: good

Product Price: reasonable

How we can improve: should call once before sending personalized gifts

Any other suggestions: actually i had ordered 2 set of glasses n that too with different names its understood its for 2 people but was packed together.

I had to literally open the wrap which i didn’t wanted. Open the box which i again didn’t wanted because packing was awesome. Open the bubble wrap n see which glass have to be given to whom because no marking was there But I should have also mentioned that earlier. But wait I also didn’t find merry Christmas complimentary card. But over all it was good will re-order soon.

– Sahil Khanna

Customer on his purchase of Personalized Champagne Flutes.


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